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 [Release] My First DF Trainer [DFsaifNESS]

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PostSubject: [Release] My First DF Trainer [DFsaifNESS]   Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:07 pm

Guys here is my first trainer
Jackofbladesmeh helped me alot.

I think its good for 1st timer.
Write what you think guys. So i can improve!

Screenies Very Happy

Here are features:
Class Loader
DK Loot Grabber
Enemy Hit
Hacks Menu
Quest Cycler
Ess Collecter
Element Changer
Armour Loader
Shop Loader
Merge Shop Loader
Quest Loader
XLS Item Loader
Custom Made Admin Menu

Its my first one so be nice
Pkdude for his swfs
Some CEF people
Jackofbladesmeh for the great help (Thx Man!)
And ofcourse ME!
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[Release] My First DF Trainer [DFsaifNESS]
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