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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:48 am

Here's The Rules :

1 No spamming
Spam, means useless posts. Posts with one or two words are considered as spam.
Why have this rule:spam chases crawlers and bots away. Meaning our site won't get a high rating in google.

2 No flaming

Flaming means saying offensive things to others.
Why have this rule: Trust me, no one likes to be insulted, and we will not allow that at DZ.

3 No swearing
I think you know what swearing is.
Why have this rule: for a very simple reason, same as the one above.

4 No double posting(just edit the old message)

Double posting means posting right after you've just posted. Meaning you have two posts on a topic made by you in a row.
Why do we have this rule: Imagine this, if everyone at DZ start double or triple posting. The topic will get very crowded. When that happens the staff and I cannot get to the question that was posted in the topic.Making things very unorganized.

5 No posting the exact same or very similar message in 2 different topics
Do not post 2 of the same questions or messages in two different topics.
Why have this rule: Things get very annoying if they get repeated many many times. Also makes the forum unorganized.

6 Do not go off topic.

Going off topic means posting something that is totally not related to the topic that is posted.
Why have this rule: Again keeps things organized and in order.

7 No illegal Content
Do not post any illegal content.That is unacceptable and if found the user will receive a immediate ban.
Why have this rule:When this site was created, I agreed to no illegal content. So for the well being of the site, you may not post anything illegal here.

8 No scams(when selling accounts)

Do not scam others while selling accounts.that is very annoying and if found the scammer will be banned.
Why have this rule: No one likes to be tricked out of their accounts. So for the well being of our members this rule is here.

9 No malicious posts or software

No posting keyloggers,virus,spyware,etc.or anything that can harm the users PC
Why have this rule: Pretty self explanatory, we do not want you destroying other people's PCs.

10 No adult content

Do not post any porn or sex videos, user found doing so will get a warn.
Why have this rule: DZ has members under the age of 13, meaning they are still minors. For their own protection, this rule is here.

Please follow the rules...

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Forum Rules
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