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 merger hack ids

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PostSubject: merger hack ids   Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:54 am

Merger Hack ID
1 Yular's Shop (Nature Weapon)(Nature's Call + Dirge Thorn)
2 Voltabolt (Metal Pet)(Crap Metal + Battle Core + Enchanted Battle Core)
3 Def. Ring (Defender Medals)
4 Def. Rares
5 Def. Necklace (Defender Medals)
6 Grams Pet (DA)
7 Amityvale (DA + Light Weapons)( moon Glow)
8 Novice Shop (Water Weapon)(Aeris PvP Trophy)
9 Brawler Shop (Metal Weapons)(Aeris PvP Trophy)
10 Pit Fighter Shop (Metal Weapons)(Aeris PvP Trophy)
11 Capes & Wings (Aeris PvP Trophy)
12 Frostval (Ice Weapons)(Ice Draogn Head)
13 Sir Vey (Misc. Items)(Pouch of Sparkling Sand)
14 Thursday Hat (Thursday's Pendant)
15 Thursday Belt (Thursday's Pendant)
16 Thursday Necklace (Thursday's Pendant)
17 Thursday Cape (Thursday's Pendant)
18 DOOM (Doom Weapon Upgrade)(Research Material)
19 Hero's Heart (Token of Affection)
20 Book Return (DA + Misc. Items)
21 Lugosi's (DA + Light Weapons)( moon Glow)
22 Dr. Voltabolt (Nothing ATM)
23 Fire Chest (DA + Ice Weapon)(Defender Medals)
24 Falconreach (Belt + Stone Weapons)(The Last Board of Falconreach)
25 Temple Shop (Wind Weapon)(Wind Seal Fragment)
26 Walric's Shop (Fire/Water/Stone/Wind Weapons)(Stria Dagger + Lodestone + Rutilated Blade + Elemental Essence)
27 More Doom (2nd Doom Weapon Upgrade)(1st Doom Weapon Upgrade + Unlucky Doom Essence)
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merger hack ids
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